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Users not getting "Detect Receiver" one time prompt

Jaime Bisceglia1709161222

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Following a cutover from a XA 7.14 environment to CVAD 1912,  my users sometimes get the "Detect Receiver" prompt, and sometimes do not.  If they manually go in to account settings and "Change Citrix Receiver", everything works perfectly.  They just don't get the prompt for the first time logon.


Storefront 1912, client settings attached.  Fronted by ADC gateway and load balancer.  My users are a mix of Receiver 4.12, and various new Workspace versions.  I do not want to prompt for upgrade, but do want to prompt for install if no client is installed.  I want HTML5 to be available, but full client to be default.


This all worked perfectly during testing! :)  But following our rollout we're finding many/most users don't get the button for first time logon.

2021-02-22 10_17_25-Window.jpg

2021-02-22 10_17_40-Window.jpg

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