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Best Practices, layer storage creep, orphaned .vhds.

Darin McClain


When I clean up layers, or versions of layers I no longer need, the .vhds can be left behind if they are locked in use.


Is there any scripts or something I can run to give me a report on which .vhd files are no longer needed and just got left behind?


Then I can unlock the files for manual deletion at least.



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I just checked with engineering.  The way its supposed to work is that if you delete a layer version the next time we do maintenance on the share (which runs every 4 hours) that version layer file should be deleted.  If the file were locked we will try every time during that maintenance until the file is deleted.


But that does require that the layer version is deleted not just unassigned.  If you just unassign it we assume you may use it again.


Does this make sense with what you are seeing?  If not just to be sure you don't have more than one appliance pointed to the same share do you?

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