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Seamless App not displayed after showing desktop

Holger Simon1709152416



I have the following problem, a seamless app can be started without any problems. However, if you use the show desktop function to minimize all windows, the app window will not be displayed again. Regardless of whether you click the app in the taskbar or select it via Alt + Tab, the window is not displayed. It stays minimized. The app runs on Windows Server 2016 with Citrix Virtual Apps 7.15.

Does someone know this problem and a solution? 

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Hi, same Problem here but only with one app on the Server, other Apps works fine.

Did you try open the Workspace Connection Center , click on your Appserver and hit the "fullscreen" button (leave the seamless mode)

There everything works fine for me, if i then go back to seamless it works for some time too.


No solution but maybe it helps... Looking for a solution too.

We are running Server 2016 , 7.19 and tested various Workspace Versions ... 

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