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Unableto Add version in Hyper-V. Connection refused trying to connect to Citrix App Layering Agent running at <server>:8016

Neil Pye1709155419


Since latest Febuary Windows Patches were installed can no longer add a version, fails with Error connecting to Agent: Connection refused trying to connect to Citrix App Layering Agent running at <server>:8016


When we try to edit the connectors get the follwing error Connection refused trying to connect to Citrix App Layering Agent running at <server>:8016


Tried registering the agent with no success,


C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Agent>Citrix.AppLayering.Agent.Service.exe register /i /e:<iPADDRESS>  /u:Administrator
Password: *******************
Attempting to connect to ELM at address: <iPADDRESS>
Failed to register with the ELM:
An error occurred while attempting to communicate with the application layering agent at '<server>:8016'

Server address: <server>:8016
System message: Connection refused


Tried re install of agent no success have checked firewalls etc. one of the patches was to do with powershell remote code execution so wonder if this has broken the agent. Wonder if anyone else seen this before i try removing patches. 

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9 hours ago, Rob Zylowski1709158051 said:

How long has your agent been installed?  There is a certificate used by the agent that expires 2 years after initial install. You can check the personal cert store for this to see if its expired. If so let me know ill look up the command for you to generate a new one.  


It has been a while and i have seen a guide on renewing the certificate and i have just realised i have read the date on the current certificate wrong which expire 3/10/20 (obviously still in 2020 in my head), even though the system has been working fine up until yesterday. I will try and find the guid on updating the cert and give that a go.


I think this is what i need to do


Update: This seems to be a different certificate and has an end date of 2070 if you know of a guide for the agent cert much appreciated


Found the instructions for certificate


But found the alternate method work uninstall and reinstall


Thanks for the pointer

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