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Interface Netscaler

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We have 2 netscaler in HA, on the secondary Netscaler, we add a new network card (example Vlan524).

It goes directly to the 0/1 interface
This 0/1 interface where the mac address is located is requested for the license.
How to prevent this new card from taking this 0/1 interface?
We have removed the Nics and added new each time this Vlan 524 takes interface 0/1.

Do you have an idea ?

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What hypervisor are you using? All you  should need to do is make sure the first NIC has the correct MAC assigned for the licence and is attached to the correct virtual network. Then add a 2nd NIC and attach it to the correct network. You can then bind the vlans and SNIPs to the appropriate NICs. 

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