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StoreFront 1912 and customizations

Jeffrey Smith1709155437



We are currently running XA7.15 LTSR and I'm mapping out the plan to upgrade to CVA in the near future. 


I want to go on record to say that I'm not happy about the radical changes made to StoreFront. 


My users have enjoyed a very simple, clean web interface for years that we have been able to easily add our branding to. 


I'm attempting to tweak and tune the new interface to make it more reminiscent of the prior versions. 


It frosts me that the view defaults to "All" applications/desktops and I have no apparent way to change that. 

I would like it to automatically select "Favorites" so it would operate more like it did previously. 


Is there some way to do that? (I haven't located anything on Google about this) . 


Thanks in advance, 



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I second the frustration with the changes and StoreFront and the lack of caring from the developers (support at least went to bat for me to get some features BACK.)  The new UI suuuucks. 

I don't know your configuration, but my StoreFront defaults to the Favorites page by setting the Receiver for Web Sites setting: Applications and Desktop View on Receiver for Web - Show Applications view only 




in the StoreWeb\web.config   file:
          <uiViews showDesktopsView="false" showAppsView="true" defaultView="auto" />


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Thanks for the replies and I'll dig a bit further. After working with it a bit more while creating customer documentation, I found the Home page is not a bad place to start either - that way only the Favorites appear there - plus the Featured Application Collections. Don't know if I'm going to use them yet tho. 


I did reach out to our local SE with the same message as above. 


He replied that he has heard similar things from other customers, but we can keep our StoreFront version that we are running with XA7.15 - just as long as we keep current on the CU. I just may do that to give both Citrix and my customers more time to smoothen that transition. 

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