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MS Teams disconnects often via Citrix Gateway Plugin

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We are using NetScaler Gateway version 12.1-57.18 and Citrix Gateway client version  12.1-60. Enabled Reverse Split tunneling and added Teams and Zoom IP list in the internet application list.

We are observing frequent disconnections in MS Teams application. No issues with Zoom application.

Does anyone observe this issue. The issue same even when teams traffic is tunneled. Frequent disconnection. 

in the laptop route print, i see Teams/zoom IP are pointing to internet IP and VPN IP address.

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If the Gateway Client is not connected Teams is working without issues?


There is a known issue in the release notes regarding reverse split tunneling:

If reverse split tunneling is enabled, intranet routes are either added with wrong prefix values or not added at all.

[ NSHELP-20825 ]


But apparently this is still a known issue in the latest 12.1 build and I can't find the bug number in the 13.0 release notes.

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