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Netscaler ADC migrating from Hyper-V to VMware ESXI

Jon Beach

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We are attempting to move our two HA paired Hyper-V netscalers out of our physical DMZ server and into our VMware environment. Two new netscalers have been installed in VMware with temporary IPs. My question is, can we take a full running config backup file and import it into the new Netscalers in VMware without any issues? The plan is to shut down the Hyper-V netscalers, take the full export and import it into the new netscalers. We are keeping all IPs and networking the same, so hoping the config will just overwrite the temporary IP information. We have an ADM instance that holds our pooled licensing which should sync up after applying the config to the VMware netscalers. Will this plan work? Should I go about this in a different matter? 


Thank you for any insight or suggestions!

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I would

  • save the config
  • disable HASync and HAProp
  • save the config
  • create a full system backup on the secondary node
  • Check the part MIGRATING THE CURRENT CONFIGURATION TO A NEW VPX and backup additinal folder mentioned there if needed
  • upload and restore the backup file created at the new secondary node - DO NOT REBOOT OR SAVE CONFIG !!!
  • restore additinal files/folders
  • shutdown the new and old secondary node - DO NOT SAVE CONFIG !!!
  • change the MAC address on the new node to one used on the old node
  • power on the new secondary node
  • check if everything is ok
  • proceed with the other node
  • re-enable HAsync and HAProp when finished


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