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GSLB Site can you mix active/passive with active/active

Robert McClain

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Running on a VPX. I have 2 sites that have the same configurations. There are 17 GSLB Vservers currently running active/passive configuration. Three of those Vserver's need to go active/active. Is there any impact to the ones that don't need active/active? Right now I can't sync the config due to firewall, can I make changes to both sites to make this work also?


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Yes, your gslb sites can have some gslb vservers in active/active config while others are in active/passive config.  The active/active or active/passive is PER GSLB vserver.

So within a set of GSLB sites (example:  DataCenterA and B), some of the GSLB vservers could be configured for active/passive and the others can still be active/active.


IF you can't sync, you can configure the gslb settings the same on each respective gslb site participant (same gslb services, gslb vservers).


For the affected FQDNs, there gslb vserver config will be (adjust protocol ports as apprproriate just used http:80 for basic example):

add gslb service gslb_svc_a <IP> http 80 -siteName <siteA>   for <serviceA ip in DCA>

add gslb service gslb_svc_b <IP> http 80 -siteName <siteB> for <serviceB ip in DCB>

add gslb vserver gslb_vsrv_demo1 HTTP -lbmethod <method>

bind gslb vserver gslb_vsrv_demo1 -serviceName gslb_svc_a

bind gslb vserver gslb_vsrv_demo1 -serviceName gslb_svc_b

bind gslb vserver gslb_vsrv_demo1 -domainName <demo1 fqdn>


Repeat for the other active/active apps and fqdns...


And if you are editing existing gslb vserver to active/active config:

Just be sure both gslb services exist.  And then bind the necessary second active service to the primary gslb vserver and remove the backup vserver.

bind gslb vserver <vservername> -serviceName <new second service>

unbind gslb vserver <vservername> -backupvserver <old passive config>

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