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ADC onpremise and Workspace URL (Citrix Cloud)

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Hi. I have an ADC and CVAD (VirtualApps and Desktops), all on-premise......We bought CVAD subscriptions, and we plan a migration to this environment. I configured some test VDI in this environment, and tested with workspace URL (https//myname.cloud.com). All works fine.


Now, about ADC, we don´t want to use the Workspace URL at all. We want to continue using our ADC URL to access to desktops of the CVAD subscriptions. I make several searches for information, and I only found serveral integrations between ADC and Workspace but they all continue using the Workspace URL, for main user access or for configure in the workspace app.


Is there a way to this? I mean, use our ADC URL to access to desktops of the CVAD subscriptions.

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Hello Gabriel,


Yes you can still use your on-premises ADC with Citrix Cloud.

You need to configure your Cloud Connector as STA on your Citrix Gateway configuration on ADC and StoreFront.

When it's done, users can connect to your Citrix Gateway, authenticate and will be presented with resources on Citrix Cloud.




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As far as I know, it's not possible to use Citrix Gateway (on-premises) with Workspace (Storefront in Citrix Cloud).

However, you can do the opposite, use Workspace App with on-premises Citrix Gateway following the steps above:


1. Connect to Citrix cloud

2. Go in Workspace Configuration

3. You will see Virtual Apps and Desktops, External connectivity with your Resource Location name, click on the 3 dots and select configure connectivity

4. Select Traditional Gateway instead of Gateway Service

5. Provide the URL of your on-premises Citrix Gateway and click on Add

6. Click on Test STA and validate results are OK

7. Click on Save


Now when you connect to Workspace you will use your on-premises Citrix Gateway to connect to Citrix Cloud VDAs.


I know you did not ask for that and sorry, but as told I think it's not possible in fact.




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If you would want to use access layer on-prem Gateway and SF with Cloud Connectors in Citrix Cloud, then you could follow the below article to configure STA on your ADC and SF servers - https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX232640/how-do-i-configure-netscaler-gateway-to-use-a-cloud-connector-as-a-sta

However, if you want to enumerate your On-Prem Site using Cloud Workspace URL then you would need to follow the option described in this article below- https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-workspace/optimize-cvad/aggregate-sites
This will help aggregating your On-Prem Sites in the Cloud workspace and allow users and subscribers to access your On-Prem resources directly from the cloud URL. However, there are some different connectivity requirements corresponding to it, which need to be considered before configuring the access. The documentation is very clear on how to configure it, but does not entail the specific connectivity requirements.

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