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Session recording not working with Windows 10 and Applayer





We have Session recording 1912 CU2 installed on the plateform layer.

The Citrix Session Recording Agent is not starting. 


Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed tp start.


Message Queuing is installed but cannot start, also with Error 1068. Dependence of this service is Citrix Pvs for VMs agent, which is running. There is also a "Message Queuing Access Control" but it is not a Service.


Any idea why session recording is not working ?







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I created a full new platform layer with session recording agent on it.

Now the service is starting.

Unfortunatly, session recording is not started at logon on none-persistent Windows 10 machines. It only works on persistent ones.

As you can see in the Session Recording Windows logs, the service is starting :



Session Recording Agent started with the following configuration.
  Storage Manager queue: FormatName:DIRECT=OS:[server name]\private$\CitrixSmAudData
  Broker: https://[server name]:443/SessionRecordingBroker/RecordPolicy.rem
  Message life: 7200 seconds
  Event recording API enabled: False
  Diagnostic mode: False
  Coalescent time: 1000ms
  Buffer size: 16777216 bytes
  Broker poll time: 10000ms


I am also using the powershell script GENRANDOMQMID.ps1 to reset the QMId, as described in the Citrix documentation.


The policy server is correct.


Any idea ?


Thanks in advance :-)




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Actually, recording is partially working.

I mean that for the same delivery group (that contains Windows none persistant machines with user layers) sometimes session is recording and sometimes it is not.

No more idea , any help would be appreciated ;-)





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