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Vdisk is not available in PVS1912

Sabine Ludewig1709156713


Hi there

hope someone can help me on this


We did a reverse image of a Win2012R2 / Ctx 7.15 device, uninstalled all Citrix components and Vmware Tools.

Then we did an inplace upgrade o Win2019 and installed VDA and PVS target software for ctx 1912CU2

PVS server is 1912CU2, fresh install

target device boots from iso image and connects to pvs server just fine.

vdisk is found during boot process and is visible in tray icon



Nevertheless i receive the following error after rebooting



If I start P2PVS.exe manually, I get this one

A file cannot be created if it already exists


According to https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX133272, I checked:

one network card, is vmxnet3, no ghost nics

IP6 is off

vdisk is in private mode

no locale virus scan, guest introspection via vmware


There are tons of filter drivers, but I don't know what they are used for or how to change their order


This has been driving me crazy for two days now


Thanks a lot




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We finally figured it out ourselves. It turned out my collegue had converted the local c:\ drive into a dynamic disk because he was tight on disk space for the inplace upgrade. Since the docs only mention this as being incompatible with the write cache disk, he didn't bother.

After using the ver first version of the reverse image which was a basic disk, verything worked fine.

Citrix really needs to update their docs because this and the incompatiblitiy of GPT partitions is only mentioned regarding the write cache disk,not the c:\ drive


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