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Handle Home User Internet issues and troubleshooting bad Internet

Elan Freydenson


So, I suspect everyone has to deal with this issue and I am curious what the best ways are to handle this.


Since COVID most people are working from home. Our users encounter disconnects and temporary delays/blips and they think the problem is with Citrix. Which, in the majority of cases it is not.


So I'm curious how others handle this situation so IT doesn't look like the problem:


1) Is there a site I can send them to to assess jitter, latency or packet loss on their home Internet connection or Wi-Fi connectivity issues?

2) Is there an easy way to implement a green light, yellow light, red light type of site I can send them to assess the status of our corporate Internet or Citrix infrastructure? 

3) Is there a 3rd party tool to specifically assess the pathway between their home environment to our office to determine where the issue may be?


Curious how this is handled by other companies.

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Hi Elan,

  • I would suggest use MAS. It is very good appliance give some important information about user session. like RTT, WAN Latency, DC Latency etc. 
  • One of my customer using this something like this. This tell user information form user home connection datacentre. 


  • You use speedtest.uno.uk or  www.speedtest.net.
  • Also you can use Citrix Connection Quality Indicator. It will notifies users of changes to user experience.





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