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Change SSL certificate

Dennis Haschke

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You will also need to link your server certificate to any intermediate certificate(s).

After you upload the certificate, right-click and select Link.

If the correct intermediate certificate is already on the ADC, it should come right up.

If not, your CA probably issued a new intermediate certificate, and you'll need to upload that first, and then you can link the server certificate to it.


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If the name of the key-value-pair you are currently using is acceptable you can even simply update the certificate files without changing any binding.


If you choos UPDATE you can select Update the certificate and key to choose or even upload new certificate files:



If the the FQDN/domain changes for example from mygw.external.com to myapps.external.net you need to check No Domain Check to ignore the change.


Using this way your bindings are not changed.

Note: If you change the chain when doing this, you still need to get the links fixed like Sam said.

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Last week we have installed the new certificate and we have bind it manually to one service. 

Yesterday we tryed to update the certificate with the rest of all bindings.
I had go to the old one, sayed update and i had selected the new certificate.
After that i got an error that the cerificate exist.
Is it not possible to update a certificate if the new one is installed and binded to some services?


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