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Expression Evaluator to match CLIENT.IP.SRC.MATCHES_LOCATION("*.US.*.*.*.*").NOT

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The expression evaluator cannot test any  client.ip.src expressions as there is no L3 packet info in the test.

The evaluator can test HTTP expressions but will never see client.ip.src stuff as valid even if the expression would in fact work in a real policy.


So, set up a simple responder policy test and include a logging action so you can test and confirm the policy hit/expression work as expected.

add responder policy Drop_non_US "CLIENT.IP.SRC.MATCHES_LOCATION(\"*.US.*.*.*.*\").NOT DROP


So assuming you've set up the location parameter, then the expressions will work:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX130701. Just test these with an actual policy on a test vserver and don't rely on the evaulator.




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