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Error number 1 - Could not load error message

Jochen Kemper

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Hi All,


We have a not very common access method for our External users to access  Apps & Desktops where they connect to Cisco SSL (ASA) VPN solution with RSA token from the Internet.

Later the WebInterface and Storefront links are published as shortcuts to access the Desktops & Applications. This access method has been used for a few years now.


Now, We have a new VAD 1912 farm and to access the application we published the Storefront URL as a shortcut Cisco SSL solution.

When any applications are launched from Storefront there is an error message 'Error number 1 - Could not load error message'


On the same link, we have a XA7.15 farm with WebInterface and it works fine.


There is major difference that i found, the launch.ica from the Storefront has 2 entries for SSLProxyHost. Once with the Cisco SSL Gateway URL and once with the Worker DNS name.

There are no logs on the Storefront, VDA, Controller or the client. 


No firewall blocks on the DMZ Firewalls


Citrix Client Error.png

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This seems to network related issue. Are you able to launch internally ? 


I am sure you have seen this “Could not load error message” While Launching Virtual Desktop (citrix.com) According to this 


To resolve the issue, remove the following line from default.ica, everything works as expected:

ClientHostedApps=1 RTWIMode=1





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