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Hi guysI have the following problem, I use the internal GeoIP database on Netscaler. This works with a responder policy also without problems, but not if I specify multiple country codes.

As an example I want to allow access from Germany and France.




According to Citrix documentation, this is how it should actually work. But unfortunately it does not, what am I doing wrong ?


I Use the internal inbuild Database 


And this Location Parameters


Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong with my configuration ?

Thx for you Help :) 

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15 minutes ago, Stuart Griffiths1709161866 said:


See https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX130701

add responder policy Drop_non_US "CLIENT.IP.SRC.MATCHES_LOCATION(\"*.US.*.*.*.*\").NOT && CLIENT.IP.SRC.MATCHES_LOCATION(\"*.CA.*.*.*.*\").NOT" DROP

As their example suggests AND instead or OR.


Hope that helps!



Oh ^^

I Mixed up Citrix's Documentation with this one "https://norz.at/?p=1245". Here is worked with "OR".




Many Thanks for the fast help,  the problem was easier to solve than I thought. 

I Change the "OR" in "AND" !
The Policy works now :) 

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