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Android: Session Expired

Galina Borodulina



How to work with session expired error?


I do all like said in docs, but it still showing error:


In my ViewModel i'm starting tunnel:

 init {

    private fun startTunnel() {
        startTunnelUseCase.execute(object : TunnelHandler {
            override fun onStartTunnelSuccess() {

            override fun onDebug(code: ResponseStatusCode) {
            override fun onSessionExpired() {

            override fun tunnelAlreadyRunning() {


If i got session expired, i just trying to refresh it and starting tunnel again.

What i am doing in StartTunnelUseCase:

1) Stopping existing tunnel (try-catch block)

2) Removing all existing callbacks from Handler (try-catch block)

3) Starting new tunnel with new callback (under try-catch block)

class StartTunnelUseCase @Inject constructor(@ApplicationContext private val context: Context) :
    UseCase<Unit, TunnelHandler>() {

    override fun execute(parameters: TunnelHandler?) {
        try {
        } catch (e: Exception) {


        parameters?.let {
            val messanger = Messenger(object : Handler(Looper.getMainLooper()) {
                override fun handleMessage(msg: Message) {
                    when (fromId(msg.what)) {
                        START_TUNNEL_SUCCESS -> it.onStartTunnelSuccess()
                        START_TUNNEL_FAILED -> it.onStartTunnelFailed()
                        TUNNEL_ALREADY_RUNNING -> it.tunnelAlreadyRunning()
                        SESSION_EXPIRED -> it.onSessionExpired()
                        FOUND_LEGACY_MODE -> it.onLegacyModeFound()
                        FOUND_NON_WEBSSO_MODE -> it.onNonWebSsoModeFound()
                        FOUND_NON_MANAGED_APP -> it.onNonManagedApp()
                        NO_NETWORK_CONNECTION -> it.onNoNetworkConnection()
                        INVALID_APP_CONFIGURATION_DATA -> it.onInvalidAppConfiguration()
                        INVALID_OAUTH_TOKEN -> it.onInvalidOAuthToken()
                        else -> it.onUnknownError()

            MicroVPNSDK.startTunnel(context, messanger)


It just always show SESSION_EXPIRED error and i can't beat it

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SESSION_EXPIRED error code is returned when MAM SDK fails to establish a valid session with Gateway or if Gateway session is expired.


Could you please check the below things?


1. MDX file corresponding to the APK file is published to CEM Console

2. Secure Hub is enrolled successfully


If you are still getting the same error, we will need to look at the logs to debug further.

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