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New Citrix LTSR 1912 CU2 with 2016 VDA - Random launch Failure

Bhavin Patel1709162577


New Citrix LTSR 1912 CU2 with 2016 VDA - Random launch Failure. Only three servers Controller/STF is on same server. 2 VDA with with 2016. When it fails the WorkSpace app get stuck at Connection Established, Negotiating Capabilities' then Workspace app disappears. Workspace app comes again and gets stuck again at Welcome screen and then it goes away.  


Event  Log shows 1030 - Citrix Desktop Services 

The Citrix Desktop Service detected that a user session has ended. Session 59ad2375-06a7-4410-bca5-7da0139e4af0 for user 'xxx' has ended; reason code ConnectionFailure.


System Event Log has Event ID 12 - rpm

Connection broken unexpectedly for user XX, session #.


Any thoughts / suggestions? 

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Never resolved. Gone back to VDA 1906.2. Now we have a Virtual Apps 2103 site and the same issue with some users with VDAs 2103, 2106, 2109. It's also solved with VDA 2012. 

More issues with VDA 2103 and up:

- Drag & Drop and Copy & Paste within a session suddenly stops working (if the new Drag & Drop feature is enabled, which is by default)

- Users suddenly cannot launch applications

- Launching applications is slow and with every application Workspace app disappears and reappears up to three times and eventually disconnects the session and reconnects instantly with the new launched application

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