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CITRIX Disconnect Performance or Graphical issue

Sebastien Heins


Hello everyone :-)

I am the system administrator of the company I am working in, but there is an issue I can't seem to solve and I cannot find any right documentation about it.

All our employee are working on CITRIX XenApp (Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1906.1) and regularly (5 to 6 times a day) some people complain about being disconnected.



I've seen a lot of documentation about CITRIX Reliability (Which is already set up on our CITRIX), the main cause of those kind of message are put on "Network Instability", but actually in my case the problem is not here as the message can be triggered easily while scrolling in a table of some application. It's working fine when running the application locally but on CITRIX after a few seconds of using the scrolls into the application the CITRIX disconnected showing that message "Reconnecting....". So I guess CITRIX is crashing due to graphic issue :-/

I decided to update everything, CITRIX Workspace into its last version and also the VDA on my XEN Server, but nothing changed :-/ CITRIX is disconnecting client as soon as I am using the scroll in some specific application. Does anyone already encountered the same issue and have a solution to it?


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