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Xen Server upgradation and license

Shakeel Ahamed1709162372


Hi All,

We have 4 Xen pools as follows.


Pool-1 contains 2 servers running Xen Server 6.5 (2 Sockets)
Pool-2 contains 2 servers running Xen Server 6.5 (2 Sockets)
Pool-3 contains 3 servers running Xen Server 6.2 (3 Sockets)

Pool-4 contains 1 servers running Xen Server 7.5 (2 Sockets)


Please help us with below points.

1) We want to upgrade above Xen Servers to latest version or at least 7.5 version without loosing data.
2) Is there any way to combine all servers in one pool that we can utilize resources up to the mark and have central management.
3) Want to add new servers (Xen server with need hardware) to existing pool.
4) Which license best suits and what would be the cost of licenses, which licenses we need to purchase like Xen Server , Xen center.


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1) If you don't want data loss do backups ! Never trust you data will just be there, things can go wrong, its just not

    worth the risk to gamble. I think 8.2 is the latest release.

2) That depends on you hardware. Hopefully you are lucky and 8.2 will work with your existing servers. I would 

     upgrade the 7.5 (best chance of sucess) first then migrate VM's from the 6.5 server to the 8.2 server. Then I

    would install 8.2 fresh on those old 6.5 servers and see if it installs and add those to the new 8.2 pool. That

    leaves the old 6.2. That was about the time that server migration was introduced. VM's there I would probably

    take a hit with some downtime and export/import them to 8.2. Then I would backup and snapshot all VM's one

    by one again and upgrade the XenTools on all of the VM's.

3) Adding new servers is pretty easy. Just install and add to an existing pool.

4) That depends on the features you need. I  think 3 servers may be the limit on free with a pool so you will need 

     one of the other two paid for versions depending on the feature set you requre.





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Theoretically yes, but the downside to going across multiple vendors is inconsistencies of hardware can 

make things goofy like when doing VM migrations and such. But until you do it and run it for a while 

you won't know for sure. I would test things like VM migration and storage migration.




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I want to know with Xen server free edition 3 server in a pool we can use all features using Xen center 7.5.


- Created one pool and added one Xen server 7.5 (having 3 VMs), attached one storage its contain VM templates that I backup from another old Xen server from other pools (snapshot and exported). I want to use templates to recreate the VMs if those server fails.

- But from Xen Center 7.5 its greyed out is this due license issue in free edition can't we do this please the attachment many features are greyed out.


Please help how it works licensed and free editions.





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5 hours ago, Shakeel Ahamed1709162372 said:

Thank you, got it need to import.


VM (template exported to .xva) file from Xen server 6.5/6.2 can we import it and use in Xen Server 7.5 if our old Xen Servers (6.2/6.5) fails. 

Should work, depending on the paravirtualization used on the VM (different support under 7.X than 6.X) ). Also, you may need to re-install XenTools.

It's something I would test well ahead of time rather than guess or assume.


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