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Remote Desktop Services currently busy - v2012 VDA

David Ott1709152917


I've seen some really old posts with similar errors in XA6, but this is something different I think.

A little background.  Server 2016 hosting desktops (no published apps).  I upgraded the VDA to v2012, and set it to production (PVS).  The next day (after scheduled reboots - new image to prod) director is riddled with tons of connection failures (mostly surrounding a few of machines).  I roll back the image to v1912 CU1, and everything is fine.  Then I put the v2012 image into my little test area and start messing with it.  

I started disrupting the network connection with clumsy.exe (simulating a connection drop).  Eventually one one of my reconnects the logon screen freezes, and then the next time I try to connect I am welcomed with:


After a bunch of troubleshooting I see that it is creating a new "session" for the same session key.  After this happens the user cannot reconnect, and any future reconnects by any other users on the same machine have the same problem

qwinsta will show this:


dlotest is the guy I just dropped all packets for with clumsy, closed the desktop window... VDA still thinks he is connected.  That session id 10 is the start of the reconnect.
At the same time if I look at wmi I see this (gwmi -Namespace root\citrix\hdx -Class citrix_sessions | select sessionkey,stationname,sessionid):



At this point the user just sees the welcome screen freeze when connecting:



I close the window and now qwinsta shows:


notice the real session now shows disconnected, but that ghost session id 10 is still there


Querying wmi again I see that session


The next time I logon I see the Remote Desktop message and this is what I see in qwinsta/and the wmi



Anyone seen anything like this?  I have a ticket open (80287771), but so far nothing real has come from it.

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Another problem with v2012, this time with Windows 10 MCS.  The user assigned to the desktop cannot connect.  I look at the event log and all I see are TdIca event ID 1003 over and over again - even when there is no connection being tried.  Even immediately after a reboot of the VM.  I am thinking the only thing I can do at this point is roll back to 1912 across the board.  Support has escalated, but not contacted me since last week.
The Citrix ICA Transport Driver is no longer waiting for connections on port 1494.

The Citrix ICA Transport Driver is no longer waiting for connections on port 2598.

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