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New sessions get stuck on “Welcome” screen, unable to log them off in Citrix Web Studio

Dawid Bbn


Hi guys,

Around two weeks ago I started to experience weird issues with all VDAs managed in my Citrix Cloud based farm (CVAD Service).

I stumbled to see that sessions on Citrix VDAs hosted in various Delivery Groups started to get stuck on the “Welcome” message in the Citrix Workspace app. Also, I could not RDP to them as they were freezing on the same “Welcome” message. In Citrix Web Studio the sessions stuck in Prelogon state. On some of them I managed to log in to the console but then still could not reboot these servers - the only solution was to force hard reset in VMware. However, after the reboot the problem with the stuck RDP session was coming back shortly, so the only solution I found was to uninstall and reinstall VDA agents.

Windows Event Viewer does not really show anything useful or specific to this issue I could base on.


Initially I thought the only one common thing between the freezing VDAs was Citrix Profile Management as I was using Mandatory Profiles via Citrix Policy (e.g. “Path to the template profile:”,”Template profile used as a Citrix mandatory profile for all logons'' & “Delete locally cached profiles on logoff”). After I realized that Mandatory Profiles in Windows 10/2019 are problematic and not recommended, I disabled Profile Management in Citrix Policy completely.

I thought the above would fix the problem then after a week, suddenly in several Delivery Groups the problem came back roughly AT THE SAME TIME. After that, I completely disabled Citrix Profile Management Service on VDAs or installed VDA agents without Citrix Profile Management service at all. Now waiting if this fixes the problem or not.

Have you guys experienced similar issues recently or have any clue where to look for the root cause? Imagine that my whole Citrix environment managed by CVAD Service in Citrix Cloud went into standstill because of this.


Shared VDAs only, no VDIs
Windows Server 2019, latest updates
VDA versions 1912-2012

VMware & Azure based VDAs affected
I ruled out AD Group Policy or any other apps installed on VDAs causing this.

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Hi all,

After doing some tests on my side, at this stage, I think that the above problems may be caused by Citrix Optimixer tool and some of the disabled Windows Services and/or other WIndows functionalities by it.

have you guys seen similar problems caused by Citrix Optimizer? Do you think the default Windows Server 2019 template there is safe to use?

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