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PDF Print to file really slow

Steve MacNeil1709157315


Hi All,


Have a curious one.  I'm upgrading from an old 6.0 farm to 1912 CU2.  In the old farm users can generate a report out of their application, choose print to file and save it on their client machines within 3-5 seconds.  I've tested this out and verified this is the case.


However in the new 1912 CU2 farm....this same report when saving to client machine can take up to 2 mins and it's only about 70KB in size.


What I've done so far:

1. File xfer's from server to client are fast, so not thinking network related.

2. Tried saving the file locally on the VDA and it took about 9 seconds....not horrible.  Tells me that application/db and processing ok internally.

3. Tried copying the info to wordpad / notepad and doing the print to file to client machine...worked fine ...about 5 seconds...

4. Tried using printer driver / Citrix PDF driver / MS PDF driver.....all took about 2 mins...


Right now I don't think it's network related or application/DB related since it's fast internally.


Is this just something about the way PDF's process / spool up that is taking so long.  Since it works internally fine, is it trying to process each page of the report and spool on the client machine before starting another page and causing the delay?



Has anyone come across this yet and is there a cure?  I have a ticket opened with Citrix, just waiting on some more troubleshooting and figured I'd reach out here as well.


Any guidance is appreciated.

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