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PVS compatibility Windows 2012R2 / 2019 & PVS 7.15 / 1912

Sabine Ludewig1709156713


Hi guys

we are planning a farm upgrade from Citrix 7.15 to 1912 LTSR AND Windows 2012R2 to 2019

I'm struggeling wih PVS server/target device compatibility.

Can I connect a Windows 2012R2 /7.15LTSR target device to a Windows 2019 / 1912LTSR PVS server?

If not, what would be the best path to upgrade?


For pre-testing purposes of target devices, which target device version works on Windows 2019 that can connect to PVS 7.15 PVS server?



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Citrix Provisioning is designed so that older targets can use newer Citrix Provisioning Servers, not the other way around, newer targets are never tested with older servers and is not supported.  So if you have 1912 targets they may not work with a 7.15  Citrix Provisioning Server we never test it that way.  We have tested 1912 Citrix provisioning servers with 7.15 targets so that you can upgrade your servers first then your targets over time, we recommend upgrading the targets as soon as possible but we know that can be a lot more work and an take some time. 

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