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NetScaler plugin VPN issue

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I have recently upgraded an ADC from 12.1 to 13.0 (71.44). All tests seemed to go fine following the upgrade aside from the VPN connection directly from the plugin. VPN works when accessing through the browser, however after entering username, password and OTP, the plugin shows a local file explorer window within it.


I'm guessing that it's something being pushed down with the VPN settings, but can't figure out what. Anyone have any ideas? Attached a screenshot for reference

Screenshot 2021-02-08 090525.jpg

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22 hours ago, Daniel Weppeler1709159306 said:



we can confirm that same issue in our environment. Citrix also confirm this issue from that firmware. 

Please downgrade to the previous 13.0 firmware and create  a Citrix Support ticket.





Thanks Daniel,


do you have a ticket reference i can add to my ticket?




*edit - downgraded to 13.0 build 67.43 and everything is working fine

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