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Upgrade machine catalog - what extra features do you get?



Recently, we upgraded our on-prem Sites from 7.15 to 1912 CU2.   Accordingly, we are now offered the chance to upgrade the functional level of our machine catalogs to 1811 or newer, but I am struggling to find a list of the advantages to actually doing so.


I have tried to find a document listing the benefits, but so far it has eluded me.  All our VDAs are running at 1912 CU2 anyway so I'm sure things would work fine, but as it's a one-way process I would quite like to see a list of actual benefits before hitting the button.   The documentation just states that Citrix recommends upgrading to the latest version, but doesn't say what the difference is between a machine catalog running in '7.9 or later', and '1811 or later' actually is.


Can anyone shed any light on this?

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I can't specifically list all advantages. You probably have to check the release notes on new features. But the release notes don't say "you only have this feature if you upgrade your machine catalog / delivery group". 


Another thing is you say "it's a one-way process" - this is wrong. If you upgrade your machine catalog / delivery group you can revert the upgrade :-) It will appear instead of the upgrade option. 

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