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Netscaler MPX590x bandwidth limit throughput?

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We are setting up Remote PC for some CAD systems to work from home. We see a performance difference when I connect via the Netscaler or via VPN connection. For example, when I connect with VPN and then use Citrix Workspace App to connect to the PC I can use Solidworks and other graphic applications without any delay. When I connect via the Netscaler it seems that the session is limited to max 2-3Mbps. 










I can switch between session and the performance is immediate changed and with both sessions I see on Graphics Indicator that HDX3DPro with NVIDIA is enabled.




We don't have a session limit configured in the Netscaler, so I have no clue where to look.


Does someone have a suggestion what it can be?



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In case it is just config related, there are a few things to check...


1) on Gateway ADC itself, do a show ns license and confirm model aka bandwidth number. 

Also, are you using Gateway in HDX Proxy mode or as a full SSL VPN with vpn client?


2) On the CVAD/XenDesktop environment, check the delivery group settings and see if there are any policies (in studio or AD) they apply any bandwidth limits on gateway vs. non-gateway connections.  Its possible, there is a policy setting affecting the external access but it doesn't see the other vpn as an external connection and so only kicks in on the gateway connection.  You can use the policy modeling wizard in studio to see if any citrix policies affect your session (and simulate gateway vs. non-gateway filters); and it will retrieve policy results from both studio and AD.)  Looking for any setting that affects bandwidth or limits the 3D graphics pro connection OR if external VDI access is different than internal for any reason.

Citrix Director can also show you if policies are affecting session in the session details pane while a session is running.


3) If you have Citrix ADM, you could also turn on HDX Insight reporting and see if anytihng unusual is seen in the metrics for the gateway connections


4) You could also compare if you have a difference in behavior between EDT (UDP) vs. TCP-based HDX and you can use Citrix Director or the Gateway ICA Users list to confirm which connection type users are making (edt-via gateway or tcp-via gateway)  Just to see if there is anything else going on.


Random other thoughts:

Older article related to tcp tuning via vpn but refers to issue with tcp congestion on 11/10.5:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX217703

I'm not sure these settings will apply (especially if you are using DTLS/EDT instead). But if your looking at traces you can see if TCP congestion is part of the cause.

You might also want to look at the SSL config, protocols, and ciphers. 


This might need support for debugging...but the above should help you determine if there are any straightforward config settings impacting.


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Hi Rhonda,


Thanks for you quick response. 


1) I've checked and it's 5901 and the limit for System throughput and Compression throughput are both 1 Gbps. This should be enough.

2) I've checked the policies and so far I can see there is no other policy that decreases the session when connection via the Netscaler.

3) No Citrix ADM, so I can't check this. 

4) I'll have a look if I can see a difference between the VPN session and Netscaler session. I'll configure this as described here : https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX220732


Thanks for now and I'll will let you know my findings.



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