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Citrix Traffic Management not working

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Hi all

I had demo my lab with 1 server:



Service Group:


Virtual Server


I dont understand why I cant access to Virtual Server ( also I can telnet with port service OK). ( And I can access direct to web via backend server ).



Please help me 

Do you know command show why it cant access to web


Thanks all

Hoang Hung

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There's not a enough info to diagnose with what you've shown.

You created a lb vserver on (VIP1)

Is the website only on http:80 or does it have https:443 or other redirects that might not be accounted for.

When you connect to the vip, does it load anything, timeout, or what?  

Is the lb vserver and servicegroup still UP or in a DOWN state after creation?


When you test direct against the backend, is the website only HTTP:80 to the one backend server or is there other content that may be  redirected that is working on the direct connection, but failing in the lb connection, like redirects to https or other dependencies?

To determined, if you connect to the backend server directly, you may need to use your browsers developer tools (F12 menu or other addons) to view the requests/responses and look for unexpected port or ip changes.   Or run a nstrace and look and see when it works and if there are other unexpected transactions.



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If you don't have access lists that can block the traffic at low level (check just in case https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/networking/access-control-lists-acls.html ), use the tcpdump utility (nstcpdump.sh) to see if the traffic is at all reaching the Citrix device.







You can also use the more advanced nstrace utility from the GUI.







If the traffic is not eaching the device then the issue is not with the Citrix ADC VPX.

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