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Best HDD configuration using 10 x 900Gb

Roberto Rustici


I'm planning to move my standalone Xenserver (Dell  R320 4 Hdd bays) to a HP 380p  with 25 sff bays  (p420i controller)


I have 14 sas HDD ssf:

2x 146Gb  (I will use them in raid 1 for xenserver installation and a small vm) 

1 x 146Gb as spare

10x 900Gb 

1x900Gb as  spare



Which is the best configuraton to use them in xenserver?

5 x 1.8T  RAID 0 (2x900 each) + spare

2 x 1.8T RAID 10  (4 x900 each)  + 1 x 900Gb RAID 1  (2x900) + spare

1 x 9T RAID 0  ext3  (10 x 900)  + spare

1 x 4.5T  RAID 10 ext3   (10x900) + spare

or any other suggestion


Thank you for any answer




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That's probably what I would do, yes. Even a RAID5 with just around 4 or 5 SSD drives will not cut it all that well for writes. Reads, with SSD drives, will be pretty good to great with even small RAID configurations, but from my experience I did better with 10 spinning disks for writes vs. 4 SSD drives plus a spare.

If you can run tests pre-production, this will allow you to do some benchmarks with apps like bonnie++, iometer, fio, etc. I would shy away from dd and any other routine that will cache data since that will not give you realistic performance stats. And though you see it used a lot, the "dd" based test is pretty much worthless IMO.


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