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SmartCard Mapping eToken - Citrix VAD

Peter Keller


Hello Community,


For a client-based file encryption project, we want to use SafeNet eToken5110. For the encryption Conpal LanCrypt. In a fat client environment and also in a session with RDP this works. As soon as I start a session via Citrix I get one or the other problem.


Screenshot of the devices on the Fat-Client:



But the mapping only works in the virtual channel, generic only the smartcard reader is shown but no card.






Virtual would be ok but when starting the session I have a black screen for about 15 seconds then I am asked to authenticate and after that another black screen until the desktop is built. Also a re-plugin is only conditionally possible. This is working on Fat-Client and RDP Test environment.



I have already adjusted the USB policy but it still doesn't seem to work properly.




Maybe someone has experience in this area and knows me a tip.


Many thanks in advance.




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Maybe anyone else is struggeling with this problem, I have found the problem for our case.


The AppSetup registry key in the winlogon located under HKLM\Software\Mirosoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon includes the startup scripts for the user logon.

Anyhow the 3rd party software LanCrypt placed there some parameters to run it's services and programms on userlogon with an /Exit parameter - to continue with the logon after all is fully loaded. I called the producer and fixed it. But just for other cases check this registry or the run and run once key, this could help!


Sad is just that the smart card can be only initialiced once with the session start at the most systems. This issue is still there but we can handle with it.






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