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Catalog creation or updating fails to show any VMs under Master Image

Vincent Lewin1709156903


Hi all,


I have a new problem on an old Citrix farm. This used to work perfectly. Last time I used this function was while updating some gold images on the 17th January.


When I create a new catalog or update an existing catalog the second screen of the wizard that used to show a list of virtual machines that is expandable to show the snapshots is just a big empty white box!




We are running Xendesktop 7.6 on Windows server 2012 R2 with all upto date security and critical patches.

Vmware appliance version

Vmware ESXi 6.5.0, 14320405


The citrix server is able to power VM's up and down so the account and those permissions are fine.


I have done the obligatory reboots of all the XD controllers and also the Vsphere appliance.


I been searching the web but not found anything similar to this issue.


Any help, advice or troubleshooting tips you can offer will be greatly accepted.


Have a great day,


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