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Can I produce an EdgeSight Process Error-like report in Citrix Director?

Stephen Shores1709160366


The EdgeSight Process Errors report is critical for us in our XenApp 6.5 environment (slowly being retired), because it captures errors that pop up in the application software itself.


Our software does not insert crashes or errors into the Windows application event logs on the server, only on the user's screen, so we have to have this functionality.


I had some hopes that I could replicate this with the Custom Reports, but after fiddling with it for a while, and scouring the Internet for ideas, I am coming up blank.


The Application Faults and Errors reports come up blank--I saw some mention in the documentation that "The application failures that are logged to the Event Viewer with source “Application Errors” are monitored." But our software doesn't do that. 


If Director can't do this, can someone point me to a product that can?



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