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force redirect from http to https in XenServer or disable port 80



Is there any way to redirect from http to https or disable port 80 ? 

My XenServers (version 8.2 and 7.6)  have self signed certs that I've replaced with signed certs to help secure https traffic but the port 80 is still listening on the server. 

While I dont really think this is a big issue there doesn't seem a lot of point of securing the traffic on 443 since port 80 is still open.   I'd be happy also with just disabling port 80 . 




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A good option is to configure all your hosts on a private network and assign one or more separate public networks for access to VMs on the outside world.

This keeps al your internal network traffic private and offers higher security. You can then also firewall both internal and external connections separately which give higher flexibility. This has worked well where I worked before and continues to do so.


@Jose Pablo Benavides, is there not at least still access to http on port 80 on each host where you see the "Welcome to XenServer" page? It may be possible to also download XenCEnter from there still,  I cannot recall for sure.



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