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Technically, if you read this article carefully : https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX122438, that is not possible because the browser takes control when a link is clicked inside the browser. There may be some work around if the webpage/webapp is yours and you can change the HTML source code of the webpage, it cannot work if you browse other website like Microsoft or Amazon, etc. If you can modify the HTML source code you can modify the <a> tag (your html code) to a custom protocol handler (e.g: replace 

<a href='http://www.mqtechnologies.com'>Redirect</a> per
<a href='RemoteUrl://www.mqtechnologies.com'>Redirect</a>

Then you make a small RemoteUrl.exe and register it as a protocol handle in the registry. That RemoteUrl.exe program then will make a call back to the local machine with the original URL.


Another way is to develop a plugin (extension for IE or Chrome), that plugin will check the link before navigating to the link or send it back to the local machine. This method was used by Citrix in the past, but when the browser or Windows change, it will stop working. The best workaround is the previous method if you own the webapp and can modify the html source. It's quite easy to replace the <a href> tag with just some lines of javascript .



Thomas Tran


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Thanks for the reply Thomas. Figured to check if any members came around the issue with some creative workarounds. 


Good point about the custom protocol, Unfortunately the app we are trying to publish is Outlook WebApp .


Interesting Citrix didn't fill this gap with IE BHO or Edge/Chrome extension's like they did  for LocalApp  & URL redirection,  Since we are looking for HTML5 Client, we are limited with Host to Client Redirection.



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