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Citrix Clipboard Copy \Paste Handling

Anthony Harvey


Hi All


First, I’ll give an overview of the environment:


Virtual Apps 7 2012

4 x VDA servers

Windows Server 2019

Minimal GPO and Citrix policies applied.



I’ll try to make this clear…


This has only started to happen (or been reported in volume) since upgrading the Citrix Apps version from 2006 to 2012 a couple of days ago.


This happens to end users randomly on different sessions on different VDA servers – nothing consistent here!

In a session, a user would copy the contents of a Word document which has a table and paste it into a Word document on their local computer (copy from a session to a locally run application).  Sometimes only the words\characters from the copy and paste get pasted into the local Word document – not the table or gridlines.  Other times it works fine and the whole table and words\characters get pasted like for like\verbatim.


When it works, if you right click the copied table on the locally opened Word (not Citrix session) and look at the ‘Paste Options’ you see 4 options.  When it only copies the words\characters over and you right click the copied part you only get a ‘Keep text only’ paste option.


If it doesn’t work, you can get it to work by clearing the local clipboard from within Word\Clipboard\Clear All (this appears under the Home tab in Word for me, you click on the small arrow bottom right of the Clipboard options).


That’s as best as I can explain it!


Before the upgrade to 2012 everything worked fine.  After the upgrade it has become an issue.


After I had typed the above I have since tested this not using a Citrix published app but all apps locally installed on my computer.  I can replicate the issue the following way.


Open Word, Wordpad and notepad

Type some bullet points in Wordpad

Copy these into Word (this works fine – bullets copied too!)

Copy some text from Notepad into Word (as just text works fine)

In Word under the Home tab, select the Clipboard (near the Paste icon) to show the contents of the clipboard.

Then click on the clipboard entry that represents the ‘bullet pointed text’ copied from Wordpad.

This then pasted the bullet pointed copy into Word but without the bullets!


If you play around with selecting different entries and pasting in the Word document you may find certain combinations will lose the bullet points – just pastes the text.  It’s as if the clipboard only applied the ‘Keep Text only’ option to the bullet pointed contents.  I'd be curious to know if anyone can also replicate this.


Problem for me is this is happening more prolifically in a Citrix session.

So, has anyone else experienced this sort of thing before and been able to fix it?  I can understand this may not be considered a Citrix issue - problem for me is that it happens mostly in Citrix in a medical application so is very important to remedy.


All the best



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