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Session Recording 2012 - Unable to See Recordings in Players

Andrew Shaffer1709154225


I have a brand new install of SR 2012 on Win Server 2019, VDAs running on server 2016 and 2019. Single server, very simple setup.


Session Recordings capture correctly, and they show up in the defined storage location. Can open the recordings manually and play them in the windows player just fine. However, the web and standard windows player can't find any recordings. The pages just show up empty for recordings, no search results found. I've confirmed the user has been added to the "Player" role (and all other roles, for that matter).


Nothing stands out in event logs, and we've verified permissions on the recording storage location. Any tips on how to troubleshoot this or resolve?

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 hi Andrew,

  1.  do you checked the RBAC option on Session Recording Server Propertites , if you make it like below, the player search result is null. uncheck it would make you see the recording in the result


2. if tips 1 did not help you, 

   did the session recording player and the session recording server install in the same machine?

  did the  recording storage location is in the session recording server machine? and in the same drive (like in the c:\)?

  please give me a snapshot on the propoerties of  recording storage folder , and check if the NETWORK SERVICE is in the Group


3 if still have issue , please capture the CDF  log on the server when you click the search on the player , or have a discussion through Microsoft Teams

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