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Video in Citrix - Teams v Zoom VDI

Daniel Dunn1709158952


Hi, we use Teams and Zoom in Citrix.


Zoom works great, there aren't any crashes and the performance of video calls is very good.


Teams seems to have lots of bugs, crashes and the performance of video calls is often not good with lip sync issues.


What experiences have others had with Teams and Citrix?  And does anyone know if there are any plans to improve it?


We are using the latest 2012.1 CWA, 2012 VDAs and the latest Teams / Zoom clients.



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Thanks for this, it’s very informative and lots of technical detail. I’ve read this document many times over again in the past year, and tried making changes to help.

The theory sounds great, but in practice, in a real world high pressure working environment, we find Teams in Citrix is not great.


We’ve got big clients we are trying to deal with, and find it embarrassing when a call won’t connect to a meeting, they can’t see us or a call just randomly drops. 

Performance isn’t great either, often there are lip sync issues. 

I find the CPU usage on the endpoint is far higher when using Teams versus using Zoom. (we are aware of the reg keys to reduce CPU usage and have used them, but then the quality is poor)


With Zoom we just install a file on the VDA and on the endpoint, and it is reliable and performance is great. I notice there isn’t a troubleshooting document on the Citrix website, I’m assuming that is because it just works!


I’d be interested to hear other people real world experience of Teams in Citrix Xenapp?



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Thanks, the problem I have had is first line support are great at most things, but don't always know a great deal about the Teams optimization part.


In the cases I have had they go back to a particular department who are the Teams specialists. So communication is slow and I dont get to speak to the specialists of Teams in Citrix.


Ideally I need someone from tech support who is a Teams specialist to look at everything I have done to check it is correct, I feel it is though.


Maybe we could work with Citrix to improve the optimization? 


We use it a lot and could provide good feedback and logs

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@Sandra Burke Thanks, I know that page nearly off by heart!


We have a couple of cases open at the minute.


WebScoketAgent.exe process disappearing randomly is one, a fix was in the 2012 VDA release, but only for single session OS and we are multi session (not sure if the fix will only apply to single session OS?).


The other we have just created is for no video showing on the secondary monitor, it shows fine on the primary monitor.


I dont have a call open for the performance issues, I am hoping updates will help. The 2101 CWA mentions there will be improvements, but I am not sure when it will be released?


I've tried the tech preview, but video is stretched, the aspect ration is not kept.



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