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Interfaces and HA


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So I have joined a new organization and have taken over the Citrix environment.


I noticed their 2 VPX's have different NIC types which I have scheduled to fix. One has the E1000 and the other the VMXNET 3 NIC's.

I am seeing that on the box with the E1000 NICS's that HA is only enabled on the interface with the NSIP.

However, the box with VMXNET 3 NICS have HA enabled on all the interfaces.

So should HA be enabled on all the NICS or just on the NSIP network interface?


I have been getting this message from the ADM


Time : Jan 29 2021 17:28:12 GMT
Instance IP Address :
Category : HANoHeartBeats
Severity : Critical
FailureObject :
Citrix Application Delivery Management IP Address :
Information : ha_nics : 1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4, haLastNicMonitorFailed : 0/1, Entity :, Device_family : ns
Please Check the Alert from Citrix Netscaler


I have changed the machine and IP's for this post but you get the gist.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Best practice is always to enable HA on interfaces which are in use, unless you do not want to monitor your data interfaces.

It is always best practice to disable HA Monitoring on interfaces which aren't in use (which most likely happens on physical appliances). But you should also disable those interfaces.


On virtual environments, specifically if you use SR-IOV, it is best to have HA monitoring enabled.

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