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Multiple Dc's with single portal

Robby Lambrechts


I'm still quite new to Citrix and I'm still learning. I hope someone van help me with this 


At the moment there is one active portal for our Company A. Going to companyA.com. The Netscaler will pass the authentication to Storefront and the delivery controller and DC A at Site A. Site A has a VDI pool server OS based machines.


Now my question is, is it possible to let users from Company B, which is

Also site B use the same portal from companyA.com (Netscaler gateway) with the same Storefront and delivery controller to let users authenticate with DC B? Site B has a different set of VDI pool server OS based images.


So I probably need 2 MCS machine catalogs.


There is a site to site tunnel between the 2 sites. There is no trust between DC A and DC B.


If it's not possible what are my best options.


Thanks in advance! This will really help me a lot understanding what's possible.


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Thank you for sharing this topic. However if i'm reading correctly. It seems that all user accounts which exist in site B have to be creatief on siteA in order doe this to work? This is not an option. Also it seems that this way it is not possible to connect directly with the Citrix workspace app to Storefront, of i'm reading correctly?


Is it also possible to use 1 Netscaler Gateway and 2 storefronts? 1 for site A and 1 for site B? Maybe this is easier to do it this way and I eliminate the need of creating extra accounts on DC A? Do I have to create multiple sites on the Netscaler aswell or can I use the same companyA.com website for this.


Thank you!



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Ok, so I found this topic: https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/392849-netscaler-unified-gateway-with-multiple-storefronts-in-different-domains/


The above is similar to my environment what I want to achieve. So I'll implement it like that, it's unclear if it'll work though, because the topic starter never mentioned it's actually working. However if I implement it like that, can I still use the Citrix Workspace app to connect to the environment, using the UPN to logon?


Thanks for the answers!

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