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Citrix gives "freeze screens" to the users.

John Moscholios


Hello there, 

I work as an IT Support in a company. So our partners provides Citrix Receiver via the browser, our users login with the partners credentials in order to work with the apps there. In our machines there is the latest Workspace 2012 update. *Note: In the partner Citrix Receiver environment on the browser there are also 2 RDP's(terminals) that users log in to. Most of the times the laptop "hangs" the screen freezes and only mouse is functional, so the user has to force shutdown from power button. (The "freeze" is caused from Terminal to Desktop). Any ideas?

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Hello there,

Thanks for your reply. I will instruct the users to try this for sure instead of forcing a restart by the power button.

I'm trying to find out if this is happening also to users that owns the latest Windows update 20H2 and also I realised that it is not happening to users with old Citrix Workspace versions like Citrix Receiver 4.12 and older. 


Please let me know if you found another solution for this issues.




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I know this is old thread but we off and on chased hang/freeze issues and turned out most of them went away by disabling hardware acceleration in the Citrix client workspace app (or ‘old school’ receiver).  There are just some odd situations where endpoint hardware/drivers or even something as odd as spinning disk vs ssd.. the endpoint hardware just can’t handle ‘accelerations’ for these ica/hdx client session decodes.  We’ve had similar issues with endpoint applications as well Edge, Chrome, MS Teams, other MS or other vendor apps. Apps just aren’t smart enough to know when their hardware accelerated activity will crash their app. 



that reg entry might not scream hung workspace app/session…. But the reg entry to disable the hardware acceleration sure worked for us in a majority of cases. We had a monitoring detection for user initiated citrix client resets..  for some endpoints would be several times to dozens per week..  after disabling with that reg, users stopped resetting on those endpoints.  

as best we can tell, zero detriment to the performance of the citrix client, session performance, or user experience.  

if this suggestion helps you too, let your citrix vendor support/TAM know. We actually put in an enhancement request for them to ‘better detect’ endpoint related hangs due to hardware acceleration.  It’s a bit of a broad brush and programmers smarter than I will have to determine how that might be accomplished….  But at least reporting if that setting fixes your issues, will bring their attention and priorities toward it.  There is also another request in for adding the hardware acceleration setting  to the advanced settings within the client tray and installer.  

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