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Manoj Rana

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I have two DC in two different Geo Location. Both DC are connected via WAN. GSLB only available for internal user no external access. 


IP Range example




I have netscaler in each DC and GSLB setup as active-passive. I am trying to send the user to local netscaler. I have tried the method  STATICPROXIMITY &  RTT but seems not working for me. 


Any suggestion how can always I send user to local netscler rather than remote site . I only want to redirect if i have fail over. 





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Proximity is based on the IP address of the DNS server that the client machine is using. Is this public DNS? Is ping open to the client's DNS server? If you change the client to use Google DNS (, does it work better? If the clients use Google DNS, then you can enable ECS (EDNS Client Subnet) on your GSLB vServer to get better results.

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