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Modify Path to User Store

Cormac Long1709161009


I am deploying a new catalog on Server 2016 to replace a Server 2008 R2 catalog. The users currently get a CPM profile. I want to ensure when they log onto the Server 2016 Desktop they get a different profile. To do this i plan to change the path to user store to incorporate the OS version into the profile, for example


current path to user store - \\servername\sharename\%username%

new path to user store - \\server\share\#SAMAccountName#\!CTX_OSNAME!!CTX_PROFILEVER!


This should create new profile within the user profile with v6 for server 2016 and v2 for the 2008R2. I am just wondering should it be seamless or can i expect an impact on the existing profiles? 

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Using this configuration both 2008R2 and 2016 will get a new profile.

Dont place the new profiles inside the old ones.


Simply add a new share or use an additional folder like \\servername\sharename\#SAMAccountName#_!CTX_OSNAME!

And use Policy Filter or similar to make sure the new path only applies to the new 2016 server.

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