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Configure nFactor Flow for OTP

Marc Kuhn

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Hi Guy's


i'm trying to configure a nFactor Flow for OTP. For that i have configured a AAA VServer and bounded there a Advanced LDAP Policy and a LoginSchema for just Username and Password. As well i have configured a nFactor Flow with a Decision-Factor as well as after that a Factor for OTP.


How can i link the nFactor Flow after the first LDAP Policy i've bound to the AAA VServer? Or do i need only to work with nFactor Flow and do not configure a Policy & Schema on the AAA VServer?


Many thanks for your help.


Best regards,

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Hi Carl


i'm still figuring out how i will need to configure the nfactor flow regarding to the loginschemas. Do i need to choose in the first factor just singleauth and the second one either otpmanament or otpverify?


I have that configured like that but i'm not able to find the loginschema for just otpmanagement. Is there a default lschema i can use in the second factor?


Best regards


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