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RfWebUI sync favorites between GSLB sites (or two Netscalers)

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We have two Netscalers both running a Netscaler Gateway for our Citrix farms, the GSLB setup is presenting a different portal IP depending on where the user is coming from, however in failure one takes over. 


The issue is that the Favorites selected by the user are not in sync between the Netscalers. I found the instructions on how to sync StoreFront favorites however, this wont (and doesn't) work for RfWebUI themes (which we need to use as we have many URL bookmarks).


How can we sync users Favourites between Netscalers ?

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It has to be a bug if it does not work. Probably not very comforting?


I have written a script to replicate parts of the configuration from one ADC to an other. It's easy to use and based on scheduled jobs using chron jobs. This could be of some use for you? I also did a speech at Citrix Convergence about it and had good feedback. Maybe you want to give it a try?




Johannes Norz



have a look at my Citrix ADC test environment

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Hi Johannes,


That scripts looks to be designed to sync the running configuration (ns.conf) on the device. This we dont want to do as they are separate Netscalers with slightly different configurations.


What we want to sync is the Netscaler Gateway user favorites for users within RfWebUI, these are not stored in the running config... im not sure where the database is located when using RfWebUI

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