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Folder Redirection Within A Nested Session

Ryan Tracey



ME-HOST (Win10) > CUST-CTXA (Windows Server 2019) > SUPP-CTXB (Windows Server 2019)

When I'm two sessions deep as above I can't get the local drives on CUST-CTXA to folder redirect to SUPP-CTXB. Funnily enough SUPP-CTXB actually sees the C: drive all the way back on ME-HOST. There must be something super simple to fix this but my Google-fu is failing me.

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UPDATE: This does exactly what I needed, no issue as below. It changed the local drive redirected from the HOST to be a mapped drive letter, that's the point of the reg key. I was still looking for it to be like "Local Drive (C: on ME-HOST)" but it became mapped as the V: drive.




This does what I need, allows CTXB to see the drives on CTXA but now I can't see the HOST drives on CTXA: https://www.nicolasventre.com/virtualizacion/citrix/citrix-receiver-double-hop-drive-mapping/


Archive in case above link dies: https://web.archive.org/web/20201125201841/https://www.nicolasventre.com/virtualizacion/citrix/citrix-receiver-double-hop-drive-mapping/


EDIT: Added archive link for anyone looking back at this in 10 years.

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Added archive link for anyone looking back at this in 10 years.
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