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Powershell help: distinguish between cloud and ddc

Sascha Petrak


I have one desktop group that is on a DDC and another that is in the citrix cloud. I created a script that wants to grab the sessions from those groups, but the script always trys to get both groups from the cloud (even though I used the -adminaddress parameter). How do I tell the script to get that one group from the ddc and not the cloud?

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You will have to query both control planes separately. When querying the on-prem controller you will have to preceed your queries with


Set-XDCredentials -ProfileType OnPrem

If you are done with the on-prem contoller and want to go back to the cloud controller issue a 



You will then have to authenticate to the Cloud with



This can be done in different sequences, but these are the key cmdlets.

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