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Group Policy SDK & Citrix Cloud

Rooney Smith1709162255


I'm working with the Citrix Cloud Control Plane and using the Remote PowerShell SDK.

I want to access CVADS Farm Policies but have questions as getting strange behaviour.


All examples I can find to do this follow this or a similar format which seems to be the older on-premise way of doing things.


New-PSDrive Site -PSProvider CitrixGroupPolicy -Root \ -Controller localhost


As I'm working in Citrix Cloud I change it to

New-PSDrive Site -PSProvider CitrixGroupPolicy -Root \ -Controller <subscriptionID>.xendesktop.net:443


This seems to work but I get prompted to authenticate 2 or 3 times (only expected the once). Once when I run the above command and then for the next one or 2 commands that follow.  Doesn't matter what the command is but anything that tries to access policies I get prompted, type in my credentials and the command succeeds. Then the authentication prompts go away and all seems to work as expected.


If I authenticate first (using Get-XDAuthentication) I still get the prompts. Its almost as if the "citrix.common.grouppolicy" module uses a separate autentication model.


What am I doing wrong?


Also how do I support other authentication methods to Citrix Cloud (e.g. API bearer token) in the above New-PSDrive command ?


Thanks in advance


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