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What is the best way to increase vDisk with version. i want to increase the vdisk from 70GB to 200GB. Thank you.



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you need to create a merged base first and then use diskpart.

  • Open cmd or powershell as administrator
  • diskpart
  • select vdisk file=“<path to your visk>” (e.g. V:\store\my.vhd)
  • list vdisk (you should now see your vdisk and the path)
  • expand vdisk maximum=60000 (This is the size in megabytes of the size you want to extend, so 60000 is 60Gb)
  • attach vdisk
  • list disk
  • list volume (take note of the Volume number of the your vdisk, you should see the old size)
  • select volume 5 (or whatever volume number from list volume command)
  • extend
  • list volume (you should now see the size you want for your disk. This should also be seen in the Citrix Provisioning console)
  • detach vdisk
  • exit

source: https://www.carlstalhood.com/pvs-update-vdisk/#expandvdisk

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