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Interfaces and HA


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So I started at a new company and the NetScaler environment is setup a bit different from what I'm used to doing which is fine as I'm happy to learn more.

I will not claim to be an NS expert so my questions may be "noobie like"


So we have 2 NS's in an HA pair

There are 5 interfaces each bound to a different VLAN

The current primary has E1000 NICS (I have this scheduled to be changed to VMXNET3 NICS)

The current secondary has all VMXNET3 NICS

I noticed all the interfaces on the secondary have HA enabled while only the NSIP/management interface has HA enabled on the primary.

I don't think I've seen HA on multiple interfaces but maybe I just didn't notice that in that past.


We are still seeing failover's at least weekly maybe more and our change isn't scheduled for 2 more weeks.

Also, anything else besides the E1000's that I can look at or change that might help with the failovers?



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What do you see in the logs of the previous active box? An Interface going down, immediately before the fail over? Or on the previous passive one, logs saying heartbeats had been missing?


The logs are in /var/log. Old logs usually are zipped, so you would need something like zcat ns.log.0 | grep HA to find out.


There is a good diagram of what to search for available from Citrix: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/tech-zone/learn/downloads/diagrams-posters_cheat-sheet-adc-troubleshooting-high-availability.pdf

And a proper white paper: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX109013




Johannes Norz




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